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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Police charge driver over Facebook speeding video

A driver was charged with excessive speeding and reckless endangerment after police came across a video he posted on Facebook, Israeli authorities said.

The man was driving 260 kph (162 mph) while his friends screamed at him to accelerate, said Mickey Rosenfeld, an Israeli police spokesman.

A video on the popular social networking site shows the speedometer reaching 260 kph as the three say the road has a speed limit of 90, according to police.

At one point, the driver takes his hands off the wheel, Rosenfeld said.

One of the passengers boasts that it took nine minutes to drive from south of the Israeli city of Netanya to the port city of Haifa -- a trip that would normally take 26 minutes, police said.

The trio posted the video on Facebook and one of the friends offered it to the media, who in turn asked police for comment.

Source : CNN

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